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Anthony's Africa Charity

Together we are creating
the future in Africa.
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Africa 2.0 promotes business and education in Africa.


After recognising individual abilities, a goal-oriented education is the foundation for a fulfilled life.

Business Development

Cultural structures require a functioning and sustainable economy. Respect and attentive interaction with one another must be promoted and is the motor of permanently successful communities.


In order that health, work and the future can be shaped meaningfully, we help to build the necessary infrastructure to enable the tasks of the future in the new Africa 2.0.


In order to successfully combine health, family, culture and economy, the functioning networking of these foundations is indispensable.  - Together we are better!


We create jobs
and a future in Africa.

The way is the goal

Anthony Sarpong - Afrika 2.0

Anthony Sarpong, star chef, author and courageous host, has had many challenges to overcome throughout his life.

Born in Kumasi / Ghana, he grew up in Wiesbaden and always knew what he wanted. He started his career as a professional footballer, but fate had it different. A sports injury put an end to this dream and in short he dreamed a new one, not to lose any time.

So he followed his second great passion, became a cook and travelled around the world on the trail of culinary secrets. He wanted more than the familiar, invented his own style of cooking, which is known today as holistic NEW DINING. Creativity, visions, Prussian organisational talent and a highly committed team brought Anthony's Kitchen 2018, in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf, the first Michelin star as proof of lasting top quality.

As appointed member of the scientific advisory board of the Society for Prevention in Bonn in the department healthy & sustainable nutrition the husband and father of 3 children is committed to social welfare. In his cooking academy he trains young talents for an independent life as personalities at the cooker.

Education & School

Strengthening the economy

Creating synergies

A country with great potential

Afrika 2.0 - Let´s Go

The fauna & flora of Africa, as well as the people in it, have long been the target of various desires. Now a new time has dawned to make the mother continent fit for and with the new generations. Also, to make the great potential recognisable through education, to promote it and bring it to bloom. For this we first need good health care, because without health everything is nothing.  Clean water, medical care and well-being are the engines to realise the new Africa 2.0.

Africa therefore needs stability and goals that are achievable, because personal success shapes people and gives them courage for their own future at home. Our founding member, professional footballer and sports consultant Assimiou Touré, together with numerous friends, is already ensuring a better water supply in Togo, Ghana's neighbouring country on the right.

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Achieving a lot together

Africa has much to offer.

In addition to our individual training areas for a better future, health is the No.1 sustainability and mindfulness are the keywords of our modern European culture, which can also be learned and internalised in Africa if we define them as human goals there too.

Once the health basis has been created, we take care of the next goals, such as how to be an age-appropriate child, awakening individual interests and recognising talents. The community is existentially important and leaves no one behind. Everybody can do something and this is what the community needs to promote.

Affrika 2.0

Our current projects

Entrepreneurs for business

We connect the future

Entrepreneurs invest

AFRIKA 2.0 is founded as an official non-profit association and is looking forward to your help. Thus, any financial interests are protected and you as an entrepreneur will receive a tax-relevant donation receipt for your assistance. In addition, as an AFRICA 2.0 partner we offer you communication beyond this, which you can use for your company presentation in the long term.

Thus, you decide whether you want to participate directly in the development of young people, in economic & ecological quality and be rewarded for this by your tax office. The decision should be easy and makes many happy faces in the new Africa 2.0

Business Location Ghana

Ghana, the former kingdom of Ashanti, of king Osei Tutu. Many wanted it because of its wealth of resources and its geographically favorable location. Today we are experiencing a renaissance of the economy, which is restructuring itself and creating values by helping people to help themselves. Values for a life worth living now and the basis for new generations in harmony. The country on the south-west coast of Africa is a traditional location for agriculture and is becoming a sought-after place to be thanks to new technologies.

We help with cooperation with European countries and stand for a non-profit communication structure for the benefit of all. Sounds so easy and almost finished, but it is a generational task that we are happy to take on.

Nice to have you with us!