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Anthony's Africa Charity

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Creating the future

Economic and training promotion in Africa.

Human potential is essential for a prosperous economy. That is why we jointly attach importance to education and training in harmony with cultural realities.  

Creating apprenticeships

Making the own home attractive

Every human being carries great things within him or her and possesses valuable abilities which often may only be slumbering and awakened.  This is especially true on the mother continent Africa. Our aim is to support them individually, to activate personal responsibility and thus to enable vocational training.

These trainings will be valid worldwide and will primarily be applied in Africa. Thus, with your help we create social & economic perspectives and show that a flight into the unknown is the worse choice. This is a very honourable task and signals respect for the African Union.


Africa 2.0

Our successes are impressive.

That is why we present our successes every year in a culinary ceremony with Anthony Sarpong & Team. In order to make this visible to every donor, our visualised AFRICA-2.0 buttons are assigned so that they can be inserted into the donors' web presentations with a back-link to the club pages.

More training courses Through continuous promotion of the training centres.
More skilled workers Thanks to standardised basic, advanced and further training.

New projects, achievements and news on Africa 2.0

Be Up 2 Date and learn more about what happens with your help.

We look forward to seeing you.