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Football & Cooking

Anthony Sarpong

In the kitchen it's like the playing field. Everyone has to be able to rely on their colleagues for 150%. In the end, the team wins and if it is in experience. When the whole of mankind still lived on the mother continent of Africa this was quite normal

And has basically not changed until today. This law can be applied to all areas of life. Only in the collective one could survive then and now, was nourished and enjoyed together what was created.

These innate virtues must be reactivated and brought to bloom. This is how trophies are won, stars are boiled and goodness is awakened in people. Football and sport itself in its movement symbolises the development in which one should participate. Movement is life.


To leave good things behind that stay longer than yourself is the greatest gift that you can give people. Africa 2.0 offers this chance!

Anthony Sarpong

Michelin-Starred Chef

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we create future.

Africa 2.0

My affair of the heart.

Even though I have now found a home for my family and myself in Meerbusch, I see the many people in the African Union who hope for a better life far away. They get into the boats or run north by land to arrive sometime in paradise, although they are already there. Many are unaware that Africa is actually the richest continent in the world if you protect it and create structures there together rather than running away. Yet staying is more valuable than fleeing for a new Africa 2.0.

The place of birth, the energetics of origin and familiarity are unfortunately still exchanged by many for an uncertain future in Europe, foreign cultures and suspicion for newcomers. Not everyone is made for this and the laws of Europe prohibit work for the time being, which pushes those willing to work beyond the human limit of what is bearable. Certainly suspicion towards newcomers is also lived in Africa and therefore has less to do with skin colour than with fear of the unknown.

Personally, I had the incredible good fortune to come to Germany as a child in my diplomatic family, and to have a stepping stone directly, but that is not the rule. The work that followed was ten times harder to earn my place in society. 

In addition, we need talented people in Africa who will manage, jointly develop and, as it were, protect the great human potential and natural resources in a sustainable manner. My non-profit association will make our contribution to this with your donation.