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Our current projects

Kumasi High School - Support Project

Fit for tomorrow today is the motto. When all the stages of our school and promotion system have been successfully completed, human profiles are formed which quickly find their personal profession. This opportunity opens doors all over the world to provide valuable knowledge about ecology,...

Grand Ghana Culinary School

Health begins with food. That's why professionals teach young generations how to do this with healthy food, where it comes from, what it can do, how to grow and process it. Knowledge means understanding the whole. This also helps us and our kitchen diversity in Europe if we...

Pediatric Trauma Surgery Center

Equal opportunities with individual promotion of talents, further development and training in system-relevant professional fields are our goals in the new AFRICA 2.0 culture. This future promoted by you also has global effects. Therefore, please help us to create a common tomorrow in...

Kumasi Training Centre

Kumasi, birthplace of Anthony Sarpong. A good reason to offer young men and women here the opportunity to start training in various fields. In this way we can continuously ensure the economic upswing through qualified personnel. Be with...